Day 9/365

January 14 2011


  • Went to Ruus w/ Sandhu.
  • Jodi, Deeanne,Roldon,& Sandhu then came over to my house.
  • Guilbert walked over.
  • Hung out for a while
  • Jodi, Deanne,Roldon,& Guilbert went back to Ruus.
  • Stayed w/ Sandhu.
  • Brianna came over from practice.
  • Hung out & waited for the pizza w/ Jodi, Brianna, & Guilbert.
  • Roldon went home.
  • Went to Jodi’s house.
  • Deanne left.
  • Ate.
  • Played with Jodi’s instruments. Ha
  • Walked over to the park to play some balll.
  • Went back to Jodi’s house to stay for a while.
  • Left home w/ Guilbert& Brianna. 
  • Chilled w/ Brianna before she left.
  • & So on…..

Today might not have gone the way i thought it would, but it actually was better. Hung out w/ those beezies& died in laughters. Ha. Today was a good day :)

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tagged as: very detailed. ha. lol.

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